Anders Wonen Leiden makelaars werkt voor verhuur samen met gespecialiseerde partners. Steeds verdergaande complexiteit van huurwet en -regelgeving vereist steeds meer specialistische kennis. Deze krachtenbundeling verzekert onze opdrachtgevers van de aanwezigheid van actuele kennis.

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In order to improve our services in this area and to keep them at a high level, we work together with a specialized rental broker Because of that we can guarantee our clients the best service concerning rentals of real estate. 
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We are specialised in providing rental accomodation to members of the business community on temporary assignment in The Netherlands. Through the multiple listing system of which approved real estate agents are a member, we have access to all available rental accomodation in Leiden and surrounding areas Leiderdorp, Oegstgeest, Voorschoten

Our Terms and Conditions:
We work under the conditions of The Dutch Association of Real Estate Brokers/Agents  (NVM).

Fully-Furnished / Semi-Furnished:
A property is either fully-furnished or semi-furnished. Fully-furnished implies that all you need is your suitcase with clothes, the rest is available to you in the property. Semi-furnished indicates that carpets, curtains and appliances are in the property, but no furniture is available.

We do our best to give you an excellent service and will take care of everything until you move into your new home. We assist you with filling in the application forms for telephone, gas, water and electricity, and of course we will always be at your service for any further questions. 

Phone: +31885550000